$25 For Shipping a Bag of Cheetos


This was on Amazon. First off, I can get this from the store down the street for $4.50. Secondly, $25 to deliver it, is rather a lot. It appears that at least 6 people have purchased it as well. 

I can't imagine you never noticed it on your credit card, as you literally ignored it on the app. I've seen shipping for a T-shirt at over $200 once. This is for a single shirt.

They are scamming you, but it's not illegal, as they told you the price of shipping, and you ignored it. These people are shady to say the least, but they are not breaking a law. I am not certain about Amazon policy however.

ALWAYS check if shipping is from Amazon, or you have to pay for it. There was a DVD I wanted and got it from a seller like this, but shipping was $5. The price of the DVD was about $18 after shipping, so I got it. Another seller, shipping was $32, and I was like NOPE! Be wise and read the entire ad. Some also toss in a handling fee.


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