Don't Let Hate Discourage You, You Are Valid

I've been online since 1997. First in the news groups that where the  big thing in the day, then on YouTube and several social media sites that popped up in the early days. I've seen sites come and go, and I've also seen a hell of a lot of angry people who hide behind a screen to lash out at others.

When I say I've seen a lot of hate, I mean a LOT. Being a person of size, and of the LGBTQ+ community who never hid who I am, I ran into a lot of people looking to offend. I have to admit, in the early days, it worked as I was not on the right meds and my emotions where all over the place and I would go from extremely happy, to very sad in seconds - pissed off was easy in that time frame. But it was not long before I ended up being treated for my mental illness in a correct manner and it was all levered out. After this, it was water off a ducks back, and it became very hard to offend me.

I had the ability to reason, and realized how sad a life people like this have. They need to feel some small level of power, and even though 95% of the time when they randomly attack someone online, it does not effect the person under attack, they feel some rush of power (even if it is unwarranted). These are the kinds of people who have not felt what it is to be loved, as they are not capable of feeling loved. Even when they end up in a relationship, they don't tend to last long in them. The partner either realizes how negative and controlling they are and leaves, or they just where it in for the short haul and moved on to a better mark.

In the well more than 20 years I've been online, I have to say, not once have I ran into a "hater" who I thought was smart. They always fall well short of the mark in that respect and post all kinds of generic comments with no incite to them at all.

Yes there are the very mentally ill ones who latch onto a few people and won't let go. They are no exception to the rule, and are just as lacking in imagination and intellect. The only difference is they are clinically obsessed with someone and literally those people become part of their world, and they can't live without them. 100% of the time these people tend to think the people they latch onto have done something wrong, and they feel they need to do something about that. Almost never is it in reality that these people did something to harm the person latched onto them.

I've seen so very many times when someone leaves a comment to a person online and tells them "you are causing this." The reality is, no they are not causing it, this is totally fabricated in the mind of the person attacking. As soon as you see this, you know for certain that the person attacking is irrational and not grounded in reality at all.

It is the price of being public that you get this kind of thing and it is to be expected. For example I've been on YouTube on one channel or another for 17 years now and I've seen it all. From the totally unhinged to those who just want a reaction because they feel a lack of power and control in their lives. These are people you should not be angry with, as you have it extremely better than they do most of the time.

I've read studies (multiple) that always seem to have the same view of online attackers. They all seem to be lower than average intelligence, mostly loners, mostly incapable of feeling love or expressing it, underemployed or not at all employed, have a personality disorder and generally are afraid of people in real life, thus them staying home all day and being online constantly.

There are the super Waco's out there that go public. They are the most unhinged of the lot. They make long rambling videos about some conspiracy they either made up in their minds, or believe because it makes sense in their twisted view of reality. The kind of person that turns 20 minutes of content into 2 hours because they just keep repeating the same thing over and over in a slightly different way in their videos, or podcasts, or blogs. These are the ones you have to look out for, as they are more likely to actually commit a violent crime in the justification of defending their reality.

To wrap this up, a hater is going to hate. Your validity as a human does not have anything at all to do with the way someone sees you through the filter of irrational thinking. It's a choice you make to be angry, offended, or just move on past this tinny little blip in your reality. Don't let it become anything more than a couple seconds of discomfort at best. The vast majority of people out there are decent people, see that, and not the tinny amount of bad people who are not thinking correctly. Love yourself, and love others. Be strong in your will and keep knowing you are valid, loved and accepted. Go with love and have a wonderful day.

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  1. I used to engage a lot with trolls, now I press block and move on, I don't even acknowledge their messages.


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