The Crystal City, Hub of the Afterlife

The Crystal City is the hub in the afterlife it is said. In this place you are judged and then if needed educated. You go from the city to other places in the dimension to life and/or work. It is said that bearings from many worlds and even other dimensions are in the city. The ones that are there do the work of education and a panel of beings judges you worthy or not. They review your entire life and mark in your personal book of life if every action was positive or negative (good or evil). If you are judged unworthy, you are transported to a place that is filled with others of your kind and you are left to fend for yourselves. If you are worthy, you must select a place to stay, once that is done, you are given all the knowledge you need to live and possibly work there. Not everyone choses to work in the afterlife but some do. You can manifest things for yourself in the place you are sent, so work is only for peace of mind, and not needed. It is also said that sex as we know it does not exist in this dimension, instead you merge with the other being and experience their love and desires and knowledge. Travel to other places is possible by way of portholes. You can also view the world you where from to look in on your loved ones, but only the most powerful of beings, the most enlightened can give hints to the loved ones and influence them for the better. Pets do not enter the afterlife, but you can manifest them into being just as they where in your memories. Once you are trained, it is no longer possible for you to do bad things. One last thing is, there are no portholes out of the places that the bad people are sent, and they cannot leave them, nor can they manifest things, and they are left eternally wanting. and fighting with each other.

Note: This is based on the telling's of more than one person I have encountered in my life and added mythos of my own.


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