So Are We Getting The Money After All?

They told us that we where not getting the carbon tax rebate in Saskatchewan, but here it is in my Revenue Canada profile. I don't know what to think. If it's true we are getting it, I could have gotten away with not getting an advance from SAID (disability). Not only that, it seems to be much more than the last one. Before the GST was abut $180 and the CCR was about $170. This is a blessing to say the least, it will allow me to get a few things I want and the stuff I need that I was going to skip getting due to money problems. But I really don't know what to think, we where told we where not getting it at all. Now they say, we are just getting less of it. And if this is less, I wonder how much other provinces are getting. I hope it's actually deposited on the 15th. I need a new Moka pot for example as I can't find the rings for the one I have at all, just for other brands. I do need a bed frame sooner or later, but that will be done in July extra money money. As well, the SAID people did not deduct the $40 payback for the advance on this check for some reason, so I am $40 up on what I have in the back. I did however use some of that  to get pizza. I have a free pizza on points one of these days, but I can't just order  it, there is not a $15 minimum order. So one of these days on half price Monday I'll get 2 pizza (one the free one) and just stuff it in the fridge for the next day.


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