GEN-X (1965 to 1980)

Don't mess around with Gen-X, we are built differently. Our families had us formally trained in something by the time we were 2, we had keys to the house by 5, we could cook full meals at 7 and were pretty much self sufficient at 9.

We left their house at dawn every Summer morning and didn't come back until nightfall and survived all day on water from garden hoses. We might have gotten a sandwich on the off chance that a friend's parents went shopping. We spent three quarters of our lives by ourselves as children, with a parent maybe checking on us, maybe twice a week. Most of us have evaded at least one kidnapping attempt, and we know 15 different ways to remove blood stains from our clothing.

We are the real fuck around and find out people.

P.S. Most of us know how to use power tools, and an excavator, they will never find a trace when we are done.

Side note: Our parents spanked us for almost everything we did wrong. It made us strong, and more often than not, kinky. 20% of us, when we get in a care home, will be asking the nurse for a spanking.

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