Lost Respect For Humanity?

I've been asked when I lost respect for humanity in general. Well, there is more than just a quick answer to that. For the most part, since the 1980's I've had little respect for humanity and have thought we are totally doomed one of these days from our own actions. But the big fall in respect came in 2020 when people started to panic buy everything in site, and the store shelves where left empty.

For people like myself, and most people I know, it's not possible to just go get a truck load of stuff from the store when we want to do that. In fact for most people alive, this is not a possibility.

For the most part it seems to have been the upper middle class who thought, "fuck everyone else, I've got mine." There where people literally on video grabbing stuff out of the hands of little old ladies in the stores.

It was hell on earth for people like me who tend to NOT be able to go to the store often and need to shop for the month all at once. The result of these self centered jerks was that I had strict limitations on what I could buy because of it. When you can only get 4 of any product, you need to go to the store very often. This of course made it way less safe for me to even exist as we where not vaccinated against it yet. The other thing is, I'm disabled and it's next to impossible for me to go in and shop.

People keep asking are we better off now or worse, then saying they think things are worse. How the actual hell do you think it's worse now? Yes prices are way up from our bought of hyper inflation, but at least there are things on the shelves.

Then the same jerks ended up trying to return a tone of stuff when they realized they spent every last dine in the bank on all this crap they did not need. When they where not able to return it, they got all manner of upset over it - again self entitled AF.

Hell, it was almost imposable to even order a mask at the time. The price of them went way the hell up because people selling them wanted to profit from the downfall of civilization. Thank God the prices went back down in a few weeks.

I've never regained respect for humanity after that. Too many people showed that in an emergency, they will screw over every last person on earth to get what they think they need. The fact that these same people are now pretending to be nice folks again also rubs me the wrong way.

It's not just 2020 that has done it of course. There is a tone of people it seems that are willing to restrict others rights because they don't agree with their existence. We are seeing it in the USA with laws against medical care for Trans people and the banning of Drag shows and so on. The same people if given a slight bit more power will set things back to the 1950's in regard to human rights.

We see all kinds of people with total hate toward those who don't agree with them on both sides of the political coin as well. Not to mention the extreme amount of hate for Christians right now on social media in general. The Christians I know are kind caring and affirming folks to say the least. This minority of extremist religious nuts that made it into power does not speak for literally a billion people.

Then there is the rejection of science in favor of some guy who made a 3 hour rambling video on YouTube. Not to mention the idea that we must cover up history for no valid reason. There are rumblings of this ideology all over the so called free world right now and I can't see the future being a good one for anyone other than the few in power.

Now lets talk about people who don't think twice about $3 coming out of their taxes to go to corporations who are making record profits, and giving out 15 hour a week jobs for as little as possible money wise. The same people that tend to think this is somehow making their life better, will complain about the 50 cents coming off in taxes for the social programs. At the same time they want MORE health care, MORE education for their children, BETTER roads and so on - while demanding that taxes don't go up.

I know it seems that I have a total hate of human kind right now, but lets talk about good people. I know a lot of very good people who are doing their best to help others when they can. People who are there when you need to talk about the bad things you are experiencing. People who show love unconditionally. People who want to let others live their lives any way they want, as long as they don't hurt others doing it - even if they DON'T agree with their lifestyle choices.

To be honest, I'd probable be long dead, or in the street if it was not for the kindness of others in my life. This extends to a great number of people that I barely know, or literally don't know. I see people putting in time to help others. I see them giving what they can. I see organizations run by the people of my community doing their all to help the disabled, the poor, the homeless, the hungry, the sick, the old.

There is hope for humanity yet, but to be honest, I think most people are completely apathetic at best and this will be our fall in the end. People will ignore what is happening until they loose their rights and are in a dictatorship. I just hope I am long dead when that happens. But until then, I will praise those who do their all for others, and I WILL do what I can when I can, even if it's just being there to listen.

Peace and Love be with you.


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