Photo Blog (Mar 11, 2024)

Need to wash the bedding I think. Maybe one or two more months.
Had this for 4 months before I realized it changed colors.
Got a bunch of files on these for a couple of people.
Backup drives. Top is 4TP WD, bottom is 2TB Seagate (not dead yet).
Formula for Time Dilation due to gravity.
Reminder of settings for a Mandelbulb 3D fractal base.
Edema sucks, but socks help. I got compression socks, but they cut into my leg and that is NOT good for me. BTW, the towel hanging down is on the chair so I don't stick to the chair with my nude butt.
I did NOT get the original in the mail, because our postal worker sometimes puts things in the wrong box and people DON'T bother to bring it to you. I need to send it to my worker at disability, but I have no bloody idea who my worker is right now and I am having a LOT of issues getting hold of anyone at the office and the mail box is always full.
Making a fractal yesterday. OK I made a bunch of them. I enjoy it, but today I'm not really into it at all.
Coffee is a pleasure. It's not good for people with Fibromyalgia, but I love it and I am not giving it up. Instead, I'm taking B1 supplements to compensate.


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