Will SAID Handle It This Time?

Mar 22, 2024 I called the voicemail for the SAID program I have the number for and left a message about them NOT processing my advance I wanted for shoes. Thankfully this time, it did not take 8 days  to get back to me, they got back that morning. The worker told me the other worker was not able to process it on Thursday as it was the time the system was processing the checks for the next weeks pay period. Well I was told by that worker on Wednesday that she would process it on Thursday because Wednesday was the day the system processed the checks. So there is a discrepancy there. Either she just did NOT get to it, or she had mistaken when the processing of the checks would be, I have no idea witch. But the worker who called me back on Friday told me that she would process it that day. I asked if it would be deposited on Friday, but she told me it would be Monday before it's in my account. I rather figured that would be the case. In the past, they would be in your account on the same day, but now the system only sends it out the next business day just after midnight. This is Sunday, and I will have to wait until after midnight to see if in fact this new person has processed my advance or not. If not, I just give the hell up, this is just too much stress and bother, and effort. It has sucked the energy out of me to say the least. The fact that I don't have an actual worker is a bother as well for obvious reasons. I look forward to actually having a new worker so it will be much more easy to deal with them then. All I bloody want is some new shoes, but that is the way it rolls right now. With luck I'll be able to update tomorrow that I have the advance and I'll be able to get my new shoes, as they are much needed. I was hoping to have the money for Friday, but it was not to be. Friday I was out anyway for a test on my heart, so it would have been on the way home to stop at Walmart and get the shoes - it is across the street from where we drive out from the cardiologist's office. In any event, I hope I get the money as I really can't afford much this month. There is the possibility of getting them anyway with the GST rebate, but I'll have to do without a bunch of stuff I normally get at GST rebate time. I also will need a new bed frame one of these days as my box spring is falling apart, and it's 3X more to get a new box spring than it is to get a new frame that will not need a box spring. If I do without some things, and get the  advance, there is the possibility of getting both things this next month (April). Anyway, I hope to the Goddess that I get the advance.


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