6 Blog Posts in 1 - AKA a Lot to Say (Story Time as Well)

This is in 2004 when I was almost 500 lbs. The tree is in a park in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Canada. The thing is, trees in Saskatchewan don't tend to get even close to the size of this one. Also, I'm not sure if it's still there, as I've not been down there in at least 13 years. It was not in great shape, and had a crack in it that was being held together with metal cable. I am reminded there was a, "soul tree" in the aria in the 1980's it was cut down due to, "Satanic Panic". There was a rumor that the local devil cult was going to sacrifice a baby on the spot. This was totally unfounded of course, as they tended to just do drugs and hang out talking about a made up heritage. It's the same year that city council had people not send their children out on Halloween for the same reason. This turned out to be the work of one mouthy 13 year old that spread the falsehoods all over the place. There was also an incident with a daycare where the children interviewed where lead to say all kinds of bizarre and impossible things at the time. One little boy claimed an axe handle was placed inside his penis. There where claims that a great number of children where sacrificed in the aria as well. The couple running the daycare where found to have not done anything wrong, but the very public manner in how it was dealt with destroyed them.
It's currently St. Patrick's day. I am not really into it anymore to say the least, but it's fun to see all the posts on Facebook and Instagram. Back in the day my friends and myself would go to the pub in the evening and have a couple pints of beer that had been turned green with food coloring. There would be Irish music playing of course. We would be wearing green, as it was what one did. It was a very fun time and back then I did not tend to overdo it when the drinking all that often. So it would be a nice evening, then back home. We never made a huge deal out of it like some places, but we did enjoy it as a community.

There was a story I was told once that the gift of whiskey was given to mankind by a crow. The crow of course was a Celtic God in disguise. It was a blessing and a curse at the same time. It had the ability to be used to bond and to be used as medicine. However it also had the ability to destroy peoples lives. Whiskey let in the bad spirits and if the took root, you where doomed to a life of poverty and crime. It also allowed the bad spirits to make you violent and thus they got a sacrifice of blood and fed off of the anger. To be honest, I've never seen this written anywhere, so I am guessing the old man who told this to me either made it up or it was part of his personal family history passed down over the ages. Either way, I found it interesting and entertaining.

Now this is the result of my trying to use voice to text in the early morning and not having my glasses on. I said, "I can't go for coffee, I've got diarrhea badly." But it turned it into this. The person I was texting to got the drift of it thankfully. It's amazing how often voice to text fails me. Some times, there is a word I have no idea how to spell, and the voice to text has no idea what I'm saying. I end up saying it over and over, and every time it comes up with the wrong thing, but a different wrong thing every time somehow. All this technology and we can't get it to understand what we are saying. On that note, I had Alexa the other day order condoms because the person in the movie told his Alexa to order them. I had to fire up the app, and cancel the order. It's kind of a bother at times. The Alexa is supposed to be keyed to my voice, as that is how it is set up, but often it responds to a voice that is not even close to mine.

Bots are a bother all the time on social media and on YouTube in the comments of the big name YouTubers. This one came on Facebook and you can see it's a bloody bot. The account is new AF and does not respond in kind to what I replied to it. As well it had replied to a bunch of peoples comments in the group this was in. On X their fearless owner claimed once to have gotten rid of the bots. Well I am blocking 2 to 5 bots a day on X, and they tend to be the only ones who start following me on there - I have very few actual humans following my account on there. A friend has had a tone of them follow him on Tic Tok and thinks they are real women LOL - we can't convince him they are bots.

This last one is just strange. I've had odd things pop up on a bunch of platforms. Once I saw files that where not mine in my cloud on Gdrive. This is on Bing and I had gone to save an image to the collections. Well I'd not used it ever, so imagine my surprise when I saw these folders (and others) listed. I refreshed and tried to save again, and the folders where gone. I've got no idea WTF that was about, but to say the least, never put anything online you don't want to share, because God knows where it may show up after some strange bug happens.

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