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Storm - Moose Jaw, Sask, Canada. June 29, 2011

Storm over the Multiplex :)

YouTube WTF?

OK not only is this the most annoying thing YouTube has ever done - not letting you get rid of the recommended channels stuff - It recommended me to myself... WTF? Man this thing is broken big time and this new format is exactly the worst thing I have ever seen on the web beside the virated web pages.

The Good Son And The Annoying Mother

Strange Encounter

Moose Jaw Multiplex

Moose Jaw Multiplex construction to the date of Jun 21, 2011. A $63,000,000 hockey and curling rink. 4000 seats and only a hand full of parking spots. Lord help anyone who wants to visit us during a hockey game.

Random Links

Scooter and Anny

Better off without you :)

(Just found this but-hurt rant - thought I would post it)

So you're the defender of free speech are you? So why is it you get bent out of shape when someone says something you don't like? Why do you let people jump all over others when it is you job to make sure that does not happen?

Well I am at it, what makes you think it is OK to stuff your cane in a woman's vagina till you make her bleed? Then you brag about this disturbing act. Man you need to learn some respect. I don't care if she wanted this or not, grow up and think what you could be doing to her.

How many have called you friend only to have you turn your back on them when they do not bend to your petty will? How often has the thought of violence turned you on in such a dark manner? Who are you to judge what people say when you cry free speech?

You're not a man; you're an aggressive child in a man's body. You're the one thing in this land that keeps us from peace and understanding. You're what …

Try to find the funny in those who used to annoy the crap out of you

The Catholic's Are Commig...

As always, those that spread hate the most (Catholic? Church) get offended the most when someone hates them back. They always scream "rights" when they say words of true hate, then it is "their right" to not be offended. The similarity to terrorist groups is obvious to me. It's our way or death. The Catholic Church is so close to that mentality, it frightens me.

@AxeMoose Hi, Dave :)

My brother's first wife was very strongly Roman Catholic. As far as I knew, she? never hated anyone. In fact, she went shopping in Hillcrest (San Diego's gay district) a lot.

As to this video, looks like the problem isn't gay people. It's too much alcohol. Anybody could get out of hand if the main fuel is beer or stronger stuff, right?

Don't want the problems? Drop the beer sponsorship. Easy :)

@KirneH004 Not all Catholics are hate mongers. Just a vocal few of them. Personally I find the advert offensive. But it is their right to do this kind of th…