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I Turned Away Just To Find You

I Turned Away Just To Find You.
David S. Nicholson Sep. 25, 2011

You demand that I love you and have taken so much from me.
You demand that I love you and have taken those I hold close to my heart.
You say worship me and I will lead you to riches and let me be poor.
I gave all I could and it was not enough for you.
I came to you on my knees and was ignored.
I gave all I had to give and nothing happened.
I turned from you in rage and anger.
I ran to the darkness of my own heart and was comforted by the silence.
There was only I and nothing else.
It was cold and dark and empty.
Then I saw your hand and took it.
Then I held your embrace and was warmed in your light.
The world was shown to me as it is and not how I wanted it to be.
You saved me from myself.
Now in this time of pain and suffering I have comfort.
Your people and your love hold me up when I want to fall.
I am yours and all I have is given to your glory.
Thank you oh my Lord.

On Top Of It All

So I found myself needing refills on my prescriptions and having no refills. This is to say, I needed them to get the doctor to fax in refills for me. This was Friday and he did not fax. So I was out and they gave me 3 days so that on Monday perhaps the job we expect a doctor to do will be done. Nope did not happen so now they have faxed him again and this time making sure he knows it’s urgent. I am not out of my medication that I desperately need. I can only hope that today after not having any last night or this morning, he had done his job and faxed it in. But I am not hopeful of this at all. He is the worst doctor I have ever dealt with. Sad thing is I have changed back to my old doctor after he was ascent for a while. I have not gotten him to take over the prescriptions though. This is something that may take a week or two to get done as it takes that long to get to see him. By then I just may be in a very bade state. To top it off my Mother is in another city in the hospital an…

Lets Go To The Hockey Game!

So customer parking only. One hour limit. No special even parking permitted. I thought that the multiplex was going to be the salvation of the downtown businesses. What is this? LOL

Who is paying for the security? I am told it is the multiplex... Well how strange this is how they save the businesses by not letting the hockey fans park in their lots and force out customers?  Strange that. And well I was going to by a new living room set at that nice furniture place downtown, but it's all parked in. So I can't get to it. Off to Sears I guess, as there is always parking there. How is a bunch of people parking in front of your place until after you closed help you? Sigh... The brain dead thinking of the masses wins again.

So now if I need an ambulance like I did for Mom this morning, it has to park on the street and risk being hit by some tard going to the game. How wonderful that is! I wonder also how the noise will be when it lets out and I am trying to sleep? Will there be dam…