Ripped Completely Off on Amazon - No Cookie Pusheen For You!

 OK here is the first problem. You did NOT expect it to be delivered for at LEAST a month but it's rush delivery? The other thing is, I am about 85% sure you literally never sent it or it's been lost in the system... So... How can I be expected to refuse delivery on an item that will never get here? Expected delivery window is between Dec 16 and Dec 27 2016. That was last freaking year and it's now Jan 19th 2017.
 I really should have looked at these reviews before I paid these people my money. It seems that if it ever gets here (and I doubt it ever will) the thing will be falling apart and kind of CRAP - not to mention a knock off. The reviews go on for a while are are NOT all of them. Scroll down to the bottom for the pic of the order and the date it was placed.

OK remember the first pic? Where they said "Rush Shipping takes longer than usual"? LOL I ordered it on Nov. 15th 2016. This is a full 2 months later (but it's being rushed). Also look at the giant span they give for possible delivery times. They did NOT even expect it to be delivered for at least a month. But it's being RUSHED. LOL. The best part of this is, if I click the link to get to the item on the for sale page - the name of the seller is NO LONGER Victorian Minion. So what is up with that? We can only guess. BTW I don't actually believe the last review I posted - it's there for comic relief... The ear CAN'T fall off - it's part of the main body of the item, not separate. And tell me, why would you give it 2 stars and NOT 1 if it literally came apart on you? Anywho - I don't really expect at this point that it will ever get here. I guess it's time to email Amazon and file a complaint. Maybe I can get the money back at least. These people are obviously either stupid as the day is long, or scamming the shit out of me.


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