Man Undies Are A Lot Of Money

Well they are actually black. I won't have anything but black ones. Here is the thing. I'm like a BIG man... As in 5XL. Sooo I pay more for undies. This set of 8 pair of undies set me back a total of $73.83 after taxes. This was on SALE. I actually saved like $19 and chance on the undies and $6.30 on shipping. So with a saving of over $25 I still shelled out $73.83 for 8 days of undies. This means I have to do laundry once a week. This is a good thing as when I let it go for 3 weeks I have trouble carrying it. All the old ones are going in the trash as the lot of them have the elastics gone. See half of them where only just over a year old. Sigh... At least the other half lasted 4 years. I always get these kind as they fit me the best. Anyway - just wanted to rant a bit on how freaking much these are. After all why is a freaking shirt 1/3 less money than a pair of undies?


  1. Because you NEED undies that is why they are so expensive, you don't NEED their shirts.


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