Why Onedrive SUCKS

 So Onedrive keeps adding these Albums all on it's own. Well I don't want them. The camera upload is a temporary stop on it's way to a dedicated folder with thousands of photos all nice and sorted in them. So to make albums for me is only annoying and NEVER what I want to sort them as. GOD I wish I would turn this the hell off so it would never do this again.
 This what happens when you delete the album you DON'T want or need. It gets stuck in the freaking app. It is showing that it's still there and WON'T go away until you uninstall then reinstall the freaking app. Then you have to sign back in and set it up all over again. Well doing this ever 3 FUCKING days is kind of annoying to say the least. The other day it spawned 4 albums and every last one got stuck like this. Sigh... And no way to turn off this useless option.
Now lets talk about it adding tags to your photos. Well 100% of the time they are WRONG. Sigh. If I want FUCKING TAGS I will add them into the meta-data myself thank you very much. I have yet to find a way to remove these stupid things or turn off this ultra annoying crap feature. Microsoft, why don't you just stop adding this crap into the system? While you are at it, make a progress bar so that we know the files we added are actually uploading. This is more than annoying when you upload a 3GB video and then have to wait forever for it to show up to realise it's actually uploaded. It would be so freaking nice to actually have a list of added files with a progress bar - like literally every other cloud app on the FUCKING PLANET. Sigh.

The worst thing is, I am paying for this. I pay a subscription fee for office and the storage comes with it. It's a great price for the 1TB of storage and I love using it and do every single day of my life. I just with you did not go out of your way to make me regret it. That and the promise of unlimited storage then take it away because a few people actually took you up on your word to give them what you told them they could have. Sigh.


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