Two Days In Photos

 In the basement at the end of the dining room/recreation room.
 This is beside the above organ.
 The dining room/recreation room.
 Just off the laundry room is a "reading room". I sit there and watch YouTube vlogs when I am doing the washing. Last night I had 2 cans of Pepsi... Normally I don't drink Pop but I was trying to pick my system up. Later on I was not feeling well at all and almost called 911. But after leaning back in the chair here for about 20 or 30 min. it passed to the point where I could get my clothing together and go up to my apartment.
 Picture hangers and poster hangers came in the mail. I put up all the pictures I wanted to hang with the 3M command Hooks. I got the large ones just in case.
 Used the poster hangers for these. They are Mad Max promo art.
 I forgot to leave the tab out on my sign, but I'll be dead or in a care home after being in this place - so I don't really care. Someone else will deal with it at that time.
Sadly I did not notice I was hanging my flag a bit off the level. So it's not square to the walls and so on. Sigh. Oh well. It's up there anyway. I don't have any more of the poster ones - so I can't change it. I do on the other hand have 4 more hooks for pictures in case I want to hang more of them.


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