New Project And A Panic Attack

OK so I started a new project called "AxeMoose Food Blog" to keep track of what I eat and when I eat it. I also did my vlog for the day and so on. Right now I am having one hell of an anxiety attack. I mean a killer one. Holly crap this don't feel good at all. Honestly it feels like I am going to DIE - thus me not liking it. One of these day I will actually be dropping dead and ignore it because I think it's a panic attack then THUMP on the floor I will go to be found dead the next day.

See we have this thing here where we have to put out a sign in the morning to show we made it threw the night safe. If it's not out they knock on the door and if we don't come to the door they come in to check if we are dead or just not hear.

Well I am going to end this as this is literally the worst attack I have EVER had and I need to curl up into a ball on the bed and hold my Pusheen Kitten. It helps kind of a lot for some reason.


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