How To Tell If Your Pusheen Is A Knock-Off

 Nothing says bootleg Pusheen better than a scanned copy of the moving hologram tag. Sigh...
 OK it's close but It's not the same as the real deal. Still cute and all, but I am itchy after handling it. My hands and face are itchy now.
 This is not how the stitching pattern should look. Not at all in fact. Also the whiskers should be pointing out and be farther apart.
 Not what the cookie should look like.
 Poor quality stitching. Beside the itchy from touching it thing, if you played with this toy it would come apart.
 Tail should be sticking out not limp like this.
 She is really freaking cute though.
 Notice the color difference. BTW the small Pusheen is pre Gund so not as quality as the Gund one is. But the color is exactly the same as it should be.
This is how she should look. Kind of obvious that it's a bootleg.


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