A Friend Will Be Left With A Mess

OK My friend has this apartment upstairs in his house. The disabled fellow that moved in there seemed to be a nice fellow and all so they rented to him. Now he is on SAID so this move being talked about is on the taxpayers dime. Before the movers showed up he moved 7 1/2 tone truck loads of boxes by hand himself. Now over 200 boxes of stuff and they are NOT done yet LOL. The time it's going to take for this move will be a right good price. Not to mention he is moving into a place that every 3 months they inspect the place for bugs and to see if it's been kept clean and there is no danger to the other residents and so on. Keep in mind the place he is moving is no bigger than my place. I literally have no idea how he is going to get all this STUFF in there. Not to mention when they see that 90% of the living space is filled with boxes he is going to be booted out.

Here is the other part. The particular place he is moving is for disabled people with a fair bit of disability. As in not able to physically do much. So I have to wonder how he qualified to even get in there after moving out 7 1/2 tone loads himself. I can't do that and I would not qualify to get into that building.

Also the place he is moving out of is over 100 years old and well not built to take suck a load as he had on it. I kind of wonder if there is any damage to the place and how filthy it will be when they go to inspect. I am not up on this part of the regulations - so I don't know if they can get the money out of social services other than the equivalent to one months rent they say they will pay in damages.

These are good hard working people who don't deserve to be left on the hook for thousands in cleaning expenses and damage repairs.


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