Ordered Some Stuff

 Personal cards to give out when I meet up with new folks. This is a great deal. At the end they offered to make it 500 cards for $1.50 more - but I will never use this many... So I just got 250. BTW this and my netflix and office subscriptions where covered by my PayPal balance.
OK been to Wally World like 7 times and still not seen the hooks I wanted, so I ordered them and an extra set in case I want to hang more photos after. I also got poster hangers for some items I want to put up. There had to be colouring pencils as every time I go to Wally World I forget them (walking right past them did not help me remember) - also a sharpener. Well I randomly ordered a pride flag to hand on my bedroom door as well. It was an impulse order and will ship free from China separate from the other stuff that also ships free because it's over $35.


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