Fibro Pain And So On

I have lost count on how long this flair has been going. In the mornings it seems to be manageable and I can go do things. But by the time night rolls around, I am generally in hell. More than likely as the last two weeks I have been doing more than I normally do. The photo is me at 4:50am trying to get a little sleep in my chair. The bed was not working at all and I kept having to roll over or sit up for a while. I managed to get three and a half hours sleep in the chair. Then I managed to go out and get the rest of the shopping done and have lunch with friends. But now it's 4:42pm and my arms and back and chest are starting to be in a lot of pain already. For the most part I have only been laying in bed reading today. So who knows why it's so bad. By the time night rolls around I am more than likely going to be in hell.

The only thing I can think of is that I have eaten processed food every other day or so for the last three weeks. This is more than likely the cause of it. So I need to be back on my normal diet of beans, chicken breasts and veggies. I generally cook the beans in the slow cooker and put them in the fridge (with veggies cooked with them at the end) for eating the next day cold for lunch and a late night snack.

I can't generally afford fresh veggies unless I get the good food box and there is always something in there that I can't or won't eat so the saving is negated by that fact - so I don't get the good food box. In store is expensive and I would have to go once a week or two to get them. This puts on travel expense and so on (at least one way cab ride). So I get the frozen mixed veggies. I have given up on the so called fancy frozen ones. Yes they where nicer and so on, but there is always a couple of sticks or something I just can't chew in the mix, so I am back to the standard mix that I have been getting for years. Good thing is Co-op has the less expensive brand of 2kg veggies now, so I save about $0.60 on a bag. I generally get 2 of them. This will normally last me most of the month.

Back to the Fibro pain hell, I have tried a great deal of products over the years to try and reduce or manage the pain. Nothing really works that well. But I have found that Vitamin E is good for my joint pain and has allowed me to walk a LOT better than I used to be able too. The fact I have lost 50lbs does help the knees as well. I also take Vitamin B100 complex for energy and so on. It seems to give me more up time and less f the CFS kicking my ass for some reason. I also take Vitamin C to help the other 2 work better. It really does nothing to help with colds I am sorry to say.

Speaking of CFS, I have had a lot less flairs from that in the last two years for some reason. I don't understand why, but I am loving the fact that I don't get that bowling ball head feeling from sitting up too long. I do on the other hand get a spike in pain from the fibro if I sit up too long. I also tend to get a lot of back pain if I sit in a hard chair for a long time.

Here is a cool one. I do most of my video watching on my phone in my recliner as sitting in the reclined chair seems to help me last longer before I have to lay down. It also seems that I get one three or four hour stretch where I can sit up and not be in total hell. This I generally save for working on the computer or going out for coffee.

Today I am over doing it, as I know I will be in hell anyways and refuse to just lay down... So I will whine all night on Facebook how I can't sleep and how much it hurts and how itchy I am. Yes... Itchy... Always with the itchy when I get bad. This is a particular hell when you skin is so sensitive that your clothing hurts. Lets not forget the red blotches.

Yes I know this is kind of random but oh well. So what else triggers it? Beer, but not whiskey. If it's a mixed drink forget it, you will be in pain. If it's a fancy flavoured thing, pain. Processed foods, pain. Sugar, pain. Lime or grapefruit, pain. Beef, pain. Being in the cold too long, pain. Being in the heat too long, pain (the shower has to be just right or - pain). Sitting up too long, pain. Standing up too long, lots of pain. Strange thing is walking is BETTER than standing for me and I get literally 10X the up time as opposed to standing there. This is why when I cook, I often walk around the apartment.

Lets see, what else? Oh yes - a LOT of chemicals will cause me to have all kinds of problems. Things like making it very hard to breath (cheep ass perfume does this a LOT), burning eyes, skin turning blotchy and red, Headache and more. Anything scented will bother me to some extent. There are scented products that do very little to me and I tend to stick to them. Some deodorants will case a chemical burn on my skin - to the point I need medical attention in one case. Can't go into the same room as a swimming pool, let alone go into the pool.

Anyways I can't sit here no longer, so off I go to lay down and play with the phone.


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