2 Annoying Bugs on My Samsung A50

This is Samsung Gallery on my A50. There are two glairing bugs since the phone upgraded to Android 11, and UI 3, and all the native apps updated. First is not evident from the screencap - It does not always show all the images on the phone but sometimes does.

At times it only shows those in the camera folder on the SD card, other folders are random if they show up. It has a very big problem not showing Instagram photos all the time.

The other thing is, I thought it was corrupting photos, but it's not. There is a long time bug with Android phones where old deleted photos will come back to life. Well it's doing that with photos that are old enough after being deleted, they are no longer valid image files. It's rather annoying.

The other thing it's been doing since update has nothing to do with the photos, but the spellchecker.

As you can see, it things a word that is spelled correct is wrong. It's not always auto-correcting words it used to. It also seems to think words spelled wrong are correct at times (literally nonsense words). I've tried it all, even uninstalling the dictionary and reinstalling it - it did not help.

It would be nice if they fixed this. Seems people have been complaining about the spelling thing since November of 2019, so they had time to get on that if they cared. Anyways, I still love my phone, but dang these 2 bugs are annoying.


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