Coffee and Coffee Related Things Are Important To Me

I love coffee and I have go to great lengths and expense to have coffee I enjoy and that is strong. I have a Moka pot and drink blends of coffee that are robust.

I also enjoy the heck out of my cat butt coasters and my Pusheen the Cat mug. They moth enhance the experience for me.

Coffee is a ritual not just a drink. There is the act of preparing the maker every morning and waiting for it to spirt out the coffee. There is the act of waiting just long enough for it to cool that it won't burn you, but is still hot and tasty (sip sip).

It's as much about making the coffee as drinking it. It's also been a part of my social life for most of my life. I started to drink it when I was 17 and would go out with friends to have a cup.

From the first sip I was in love with this dark elixir of life.

I did it the same as my friends at first, cream and sugar. Then I decided to have it just by it's self. Friends advised against this saying the taste sucks. I am very glad I did not listen. From the first sip of just plain coffee, I realized it's way better by it's self than with stuff in it.

This being said, I have on occasion put ice cream in it, or chocolate to enhance the mood, but this is rare. I also never drink it with a meal, but before or after the meal. I need to enjoy just the coffee.

Don't get me wrong, I like a good cup of tea now and then, but coffee is the thing. It starts my day in a pleasant manner and makes me happy.



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