Less Cable TV More Money For Me

This is why I had extra money this month. Before the bill was $202.02 (strange how it worked out that way). I talked to them on chat and they changed my plan for me so I did not have to payout the contract.

Now It's about $50 less a month after taxes. This is obviously more than $50 less, but there was a credit on there as well. I'm very glad they changed it for me. It gives me some extra money and lets face it I just don't watch TV anymore.

I watch 50X more streaming than I ever did TV. The shows I watched all but one are on the on demand for the Crave package I still have on the TV. The rest of the channels are gone, and just Crave and the regular channels the government makes you have. Trust me, if I could just have the Crave part, I would.

All my sports have been replaced by apps on my phone. Now I don't need to watch them or the sports news to see what's happening, it just pops up on my phone.

It was the biggest mistake in 20 years to get a 2 year contract for the dang Cable TV package. It's a complete waste of money. As for Crave, the app on my Firestick is crap to say the least, so when I cut cable, I'll not be keeping it. I also NOT want to watch the shows on the PC or on my Tablet or worse yet, phone. So I'm just not keeping it.

When I drop cable TV I'll just have Prime and Netflix and Shudder (an addon to Prime). I may add on one more addon to Prime, but it is $4 a month (plus tax). I honestly don't know why Cable TV still exists in a country that the vast majority of people have fast internet. As for news, I can watch national news on Prime for free. Local news I'm already getting online. So no need for Cable TV.


  1. Cable is struggeling, if you notice more and more channels is getting their own streaming version, give it 5 years and it be gone


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