May 11, 2021 in Photos.

Where the dumpster usually sits for the garbage shoot.
Benches in front of my building and the main entry way.
Our lawn being watered. It rained the night before, but whatever.
The church burned once and I don't know if the black is a leftover of that, or prolusion soaking into the stone.
A rather well traveled back ally behind St. Andrew's.
Parking lot that used to be 3 houses. It's not the Church of God's parking lot. Church is not visible in the shot.
Bench by St. Andrew's.
St. Andrew's United Church.
Public Library.
Art Museum beside the Library.
Looking west from the main entrance to Crescent Park.
Back of Zion United Church.
Hedge around Crescent Park.
Crescent Park and the Library.
Frame holding up a soon to be sign while the cement setts on it's legs.
Came home and made coffee and took some pain meds.
This one is not from today but from a few nights ago.


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