Makeup Premium by Modiface (App)

This is made with an app called Makeup Premium by Modiface. The app will actually tell you the number and brand of the makeup so you can go get it.

People do seem to find it amusing when I post these, but I'm expressing a part of me that rarely comes out. I'm what is known as Fluid Gender and swing from Male to Female and some place in-between from time to time.

I don't have the money to express myself in real life, so this will have to do. I can imagine with the old very conservative Christians that live in my building what the reaction would be if I walked out like this in real life.

If I had the money and my own place you can bet I'd be walking out the door like this. But I need to get along with the people in my building no matter how small-minded they may be. So here I am, using an app on my Android phone.

I rated the app 5 stars in the play store BTW. There was a time no-one was updating it, but it seems to be updated now once again.


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