Google Pay Working For Me Again

I was never so glad to see this show up on my credit card statement. The only way to pay with a credit card for YouTube Premium is if the card is used with Google Pay. You can't just normally add a card, instead it auto ads it to Google Pay when you do.

For around 2 months it has NOT been working on the one account, but on my other 2 Google accounts the same card worked fine. Go you think I could get them at Google to actually listen to that? Nope. They kept asking if the card was authorized to work with Google Pay, the answer is OBVIOUSLY.

I read to remove the card then re-add it, well it would not remove. I had to kill the entire Google Pay account instead and set it up for a second time. The card word not add at this point, it kept giving an error that the card could not be validated.

A couple of days ago I decided to try it again and fired up the app and took a picture of the card with it and POOF it worked fine. I'm very sure it has literally nothing to do with the people at the support center as they seemed baffled and kept asking questions I'd answered.

Not one clue if it works at point of sale, but I'm never going to use my dang phone to try and pay for something at a store. So I'm happy it's working and I don't need to mess with PayPal for it, although that is the backup payment at the moment.

The forums had several people with the same issue, the card just stopped working and nothing fixed it. So I'm guessing some transient bug of some kind. Oh well, I just hope it keeps working.


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