Moka Pot 2 Months Later

The lid on my inexpensive Moka pot does not fit perfectly, so I get splatter. I do love this thing however, I did not know how good coffee could be at home until I got one. It's made by Zulay and was about $25. I'm expecting it will last me a year or a bit more then it will die. It's 2 months old and there is a bit of discoloration that looks like some kind of rust in the bottom of it already. It's very highly rated, but that rust is bothering me. I do take care of it and when it is cooled down I take it apart and clean it and dry it properly, so no idea why it's doing this. Also being it's a pressure vestal, it's a bit worrying to see rust. Kind of don't want boiling hot water shooting out a hole in the side on me any time soon. But it does make awesome coffee.


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