Got Lots Done And Low Pain Days

Been getting things done the last 2 days because I can. I'm having a low pain couple days, so I have cleaned up with the exception of the Vacuuming yesterday. Today I got the laundry sorted out and my back does not even hurt after folding things and my legs only complained a bit. I also did the cooking for the next 2 days. All I have left is to toss out some leftovers that have gone off.

I got Vodka yesterday and drank half, fell asleep in my chair listening to music then went to bed around midnight. Tonight, I'll finish it and tanked up again and repeat the process.

I have a pile of videos in my watch later list that are all music from people I am subscribed to. I am charging my phone right now so I can get them done tonight before I get too much potato juice in me.

I'm also about to lay down a bit so my back won't bother me after cooking and being at the computer for longer than I normally sit here.

I go in cycles and they seem to be getting more extreme, both for lack of pain and amount of pain when it's up. This happens from time to time. I have been lucky for a long time being in a low pain flair cycle. Now it's back to heavy pain flairs for a few years or so. The low was about 10 years, and that's a lot longer than normal.

As well, all but eliminating meat from my diet has made the flairs less common and the arthritis less painful. Hell before when my knees acted up I could hardly walk, now I can do laundry some times.

Speaking of walking I did 2 laps of my block in 24 minutes. To a normal person this is not an accomplishment, but to me is sure it. 2 or 3 years ago I could hardly walk to the end of the block without being very tired. Couple years before that I could hardly get the mail without being tired. The heart medication and losing about 80lbs seems to have helped a great deal. I'll never be skinny or fit, but at least quality of life is much better right now.

BTW if you want to donate to the get Dave drunk one more time this month fund, the Tip Jar link is for my PayPal. I know, I'm not actually expecting anyone to, but it don't hurt to put it out there. To be honest, when I've really needed money, by friends have ALWAYS been there for me. Anyways, it's like $33 for Vodka up here if I get the cheapest, and Pizza is like $20. This is why I only have fun at the start of the month. I save enough for coffee outings only after the bills and the fun.

Keep smiling and know you are Loved.


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