I'm a nudist and I like to follow other nudists online. The problem on Twitter when you do this, is that a LOT of people on there are lying as to who or what they are. An exhibitionist is NOT the same thing as a nudist.

For days now I've been seeing Fleet posts and Feed posts with erect penises and even a jerk off video. Sigh. I just want to be part of a community and be happy with that. NOPE. Got to have these fake ass people with their porn pics and videos stamping the word "nudist" on their page.

Today I went through over 50 pages I had followed and looked way back at their content. Well, most of them did not make the grade.

There is nothing wrong with showing a full body frontal nude if you ask me, but if you are playing with yourself or have an erection, you are not promoting the nude lifestyle, you are promoting something totally different.

I also unfollowed a few places (resorts) that I have no hope of ever going to, why bother if I won't ever make it to these places. Then I dropped several people who have not posted in literally 10+ years, I'm kind of sure they abandoned their Twitter. Then came a few things like Canada Post Helps, that where of literally no use to me.

Now I'm following exactly 111 pages. I have not one clue how many I was following before, but I am thinking I dropped almost 50 pages in total.

On a side note, I notice there are a lot of young people that are following the nudist lifestyle, just not in my aria. Seems people in Saskatchewan who like to go nude on the beach, or elsewhere, tend to be over 40. I've got no idea why. All I know is in all the years when I was going to places here that are nude friendly, I was the only young person there at the time. You should know, I've not gone to any of these places in I bet 25 years, so things may have change - but from what I hear from friends, it's the same.

In any event, life as a nudist in an apartment complex is tricky. I have people at my door at random in the daytime, so I am dressed until about 5PM then off come the clothing. As well, I'm about 25 feet in the air (my window) and keep the blinds either closed or pointing up so no one can accidently see my fat naked body LOL. To be honest, even with them open, you would have to be on the roof of the church on the other side of the parking lot to see anything not family friendly. But still, I keep it safe from shocking the Christian folk.



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