In the screen cap is what my OneDrive is saying on my phone. Below is a screen cap of my credit card payments. You can see the payment cleared on the 3rd of July, and this is the 26th of July. I am not due to be billed until the 3rd of August. So why the hell is it telling my my payment method is not good. Also there is $9 left on the card and the subscription after taxes is $8.88 a month. So what the hell?

To top it all off, it is actually working properly. I can upload, downlead, share and everything. Office on the PC is operating fine and NOT giving me this notice. OneDrive on my PC is NOT giving me this notice. It's just on my phone. It's obviously linked to my proper account, so I just have no clue what is going on.

I tried the Microsoft Help bot on Twitter and I can't get it to feck off and give me a human. I just put a payment on my card today that will very much more than fix things, even if they fucked up and charged me for a year. BTW if they did fuck up and charge me for a year I'm going to freak the feck out on them. My account still says I'm being charged by the month BTW.

And when I hit "Manage Payment Method", literally nothing happens. I think this could be some kind of strange bug with the app, as it updated last night. It's pissing me off though.

One last thing, why is Office 365 Twitter set to private? Kind of strange for a business to set it's twitter to private.


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