End of June I got my second and with luck last Covid shot. Tomorrow July 7th, 2021 the rule about masks in public places will end. I think we still need them in the building for some reason.

I was talking to a lady who lives upstairs from me, and she was saying most people in the building have not had the shots. I find that horrifying given the health of most of us living in here.

Saskatchewan is about 70% vaccinated at the time of this post.

Round one took me 3 months to get in and they had literally 3 people giving out the shots. No wonder we are behind the national average. Round two went better, with 7 people giving out the shots and I was in and out in 20 minutes (15 minute wait to see if you react bad is standard with any vaccination).

I tried to get them to get someone in the building to do shots, but I was ignored. Most people here can't get out there as they don't drive and a cab is too much money. You only get a free cab ride for testing, not for the jab.

I also notice a lot of over cleaning still going on with literally zero cases verified world wide of spread by touching things. Think about how often people touch things in a store then put it back on the shelf - no one is following them with cleaner to disinfect the bag of rice they looked at.

I'm very glad to be vaccinated as it greatly lowers my risk of getting Covid and if I do, it won't be nearly as hard on me.


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