So I had to go to the ER this morning. I was up all night with extreme pain in my tummy and a severe headache. Tummy was a level 7 headache was a level 8. They fixed me up and I elected to go home. Now I'm thinking I should have gotten some imaging done after all. The tummy hurts again, just not as bad as it did last night. But I'll leave it and if it is still acting up tomorrow I'll call my family doctor and see if she can't order some tests. Below is an excuse for macro shots (4X magnification) of places the poked me and something not good outside the building.

*Update: my email has been forwarded to the proper person (about the not bolted on piece).

I.V. Try #1 - not quite, so she had to try again.
I.V. Try #2 got it in this time. Then got some meds in my. Tummy was feeling much better for hours but now is hurting again. Not anywhere near as bad as it was when I went in however.
This is where I had blood taken. It explains the "oops" that came out of the fellow drawing blood. Did not notice this one at all, but the I.V. lines made me howl a bit. I was at my limit for tolerating pain and that little bit more put me over the edge.
OK, took my selfie of the day outside the hospital at about 7:20 am this morning. I'm under an overhang that is over the front entry way. I had no idea until I looked at it after posting it on Instagram, that there was a malfunction in the structure behind and above me. I'll see if I can find someone to email this to so they can go fix it.


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