BTW the sign says "Trucks in the rest. lot will be toed". This rather humorous faux pas is not why I'm posting this photo however, it's the addition you see closest to the camera.

For the reason, my friend has no hope of getting into a booth, we sit in this addition. He is quite disabled, so we need to be in the half booth in the back here. He can just slide in this way and get back up with a lot greater ease, as if we where in a full booth.

However, in the summer, there is no A.C. in this section, and the windows on the roof like that make it nice and bright in there, but it also makes it very hot in there.

I'm sensitive to the heat because of my health and when it's over 30C outside, I am in a bit of distress sitting in that section and often don't last more than 90 minutes or so.

The heat makes me feel sick and dizzy quite easily. It also gives me a headache because it raises my blood pressure. This is never good and can lead to a stroke or heart attack with my poor health. So I try to keep cognizant of how I'm feeling and will ask to be taken home if I get to bad.

I love coffee with my friends, but so much gets in the way. Not just the heat issue, but my fibromyalgia as well. If I sit in one place for too long, I can become in severe pain just all the sudden. It does not ease into being, the pain will just hit me like a wall. The arthritis in my knees is also an issue with sitting for a long time. So about half the time I don't make it all the way, and have to ask to go home.

Gone are the days when we sat out for coffee for 8 hours and eat garlic toast and drank 20 cups of coffee. Now if I make it 3 hours, I'm going good.


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