Denny's In East Regina

OK went to Denny's in East Regina the other day as nothing was open here and my friends where starving. This was on November 11, 2016 BTW. We got there at about 10 pm and got seated in minutes even though the place was mildly busy. We got our coffee in a reasonable time and the waitress was attentive. I had the Caramel Banana Cream Pancake Breakfast. It was over the top awesome. I wan in heaven eating that. This is the first time the bacon was just filler to me LOL. My friends split a mean and frankly I can't remember what they had. I do remember one had something called Puppies for desert and the other a Pecan Pie. We where all happy with the meal although my one friend though the coffee needed to come around more often. I have to mention that the waitress had the most awesome hair style I had seen in years. I gave the experience a 4/5. I would have given it a 5 but there where freaking kids running up and down the isle while we tried to eat. Sigh. By this time it was 11 pm and had to wonder why the kids where out this late in the first place.

Side note is that there where several people who sounded like they where from the deep south in the USA. The two men where talking about "He got that internet thing". They where in their early 30's or late 20's. They literally had no idea what the internet was. How in the world do you NOT know what the internet is this day and age growing up in the USA? Oh well, home schooling and a sheltered life I suppose.

Anyhow, it was an enjoyable night out even if we did spend two hours on the highway in the dark to get there and back. Not like we haven't done it before LOL. Peace out :)


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