How to be popular on Facebook

How to be an attention whore scag 101 - AKA How to be popular on Facebook. So you get a bunch of photos of people who are NOT you - people who are disabled and exploit them for likes and shares. You put bullshit like "Everyone is ashamed of me because i am disabled. If you are not ashamed please Like & Share. Type amen."... Another one that seems to work is to steel photos of children with cancer and and for "prayers and likes and shares - type Amen". Like fucking typing Amen has ever helped anyone ever. So do you honestly think that when you hit like this person will somehow be better off? 99.5% of the time it's NOT the person's photo their are sharing and they stole it off the internet some place. The shear proliferation of Facebook with pages like this shows me that the average user has no ability to realise they are being used in order for an extremely needy person who is literally afraid to leave their mothers basement long enough to take 3 breaths of fresh air, to get the attention the so deserve (wow was that bad sentence structure WOOT). I will give you a hint, if you type Amen or like or share something it makes no difference to the persons disability or to their having cancer or anything else for that matter. If I had $1 for every half wit that liked and shared a post of a disaster claiming that there will be donations for every like and share - I would be a billionaire by now. The fast that Facebook and many other organisations have come out time and again saying they will NOT give money for likes, does not matter one bit - CLIP goes the like button. Sigh. This is why people like Trump even run for office, they know that a self important hate filled half wit can at least come close to getting in office by manipulating all them little desires that the other half wits have. Honestly I don't really like to look down on people (although this blog makes it look like I do), but FUCK - I honestly lose a certain amount of respect for people when they share this shit. Not to mention the copyright disclaimer that went around like 50,0000,000 times on Facebook - no matter how many times it was even shown on the NEWS to be a fake. Sigh... People will fall for anything. This is how the world got into the mess it's in. We allowed it threw blind ignorance and the illusion that corporations and the government have our best interest at mind when in reality they exist to make a small amount of people richer and more powerful. OK Rand over, I need to blow my nose for the 7,000,000th time today...


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