R & S Family Restaurant (Moose Jaw)

OK had the "Small Poutine" and a cup of coffee. The total came to less than $4. The poutine was excellent. Everything I have had there I was more than satisfied with. The prices are low and the food is always good. The only detractor is that the waitress vanishes into the kitchen for a while now and then to deal with dishes. This leaves people waiting and I have seen some online complaints over that. The fact is I am not in a hurry and my friends are not in a hurry and we enjoy the country feeling that this place has. There is also blinding fast open WiFi. When I was there it tested at 44 mbs down and 19 mbs up. Now I only get 30 down and 5 up at home. So this is great and if you are in need to posting some vacation videos this would be a perfect stop for you on the way threw. It can be a bother getting to them from the one side of the trans Canada but it's worth it. There is also a medium quality motel right next to it and an Esso gas station. One word of advice, the burgers are awesome but can be a bit messy and you get a vast amount of fries with them. If you are not big on fries order a different side or tell them to go easy on them. They also have a massive amount of hot sauce on hand. Some of it is extremely hot, as in the Blair's After Death. All of the staff I have run into have been very nice to deal with. The place is also open 24 hours a day and you can get your after hours coffee fix. This may change though - not many places in Moose Jaw stay 24 hours for long. So if you are into home style cooking and big portions in a down home atmosphere, there is the place for you.



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