Sigh... I Call BS On You.

So I had an outage of internet last night that lasted about 9 hours. This is the 3rd night in a row and I am a bit put out about it so I emailed them as said "I want compensation for this". What did I get in response, a denial that there was any issues in my aria. Well here are the screen shots... LOTS of them. First is the bulletin on Shaw's support page for outages then the next one should be another local person complaining about it being OUT. The rest are from all over the country complaining it was out. So ya know... Don't tell me there was NO ISSUE. I call Bull Shit on that. BTW Forgot to screen cap the other person who complained this is 3 nights in a row just like I did... And I am unwilling to get get my phone from the other room...

 Oh look this one is actually in the same city as me.

 Bet this fellow got the same Bull Shit I did.

 This is me responding to the other person in Moose Jaw.

 Yes this is my YouTube related twitter. Fucked up and bitched a 2nd time on the wrong account. My bad.

 OK it inserted them backward - bottom one should be above. But it shows how long it was and I reset the modem 4 times in this time frame... One of them being the hard reset with a paperclip that makes it so you have to set up the modem AGAIN after. They gave me bullshit about interference. Will I used a WiFi analyser to find the channel and band that would be best for me and on the one I have it set to, there is no way I am getting interference. So once again I call Bull Shit.
#BadService #WhyAmIPayingThisMuch #LookingAtSasktelInternet


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