Shaw Cable - What Part Of NO CALL LIST Don't You Get

So I got very tired of Shaw Cable calling me on the phone for promotions I have NO interest in. So I told them to put me on the NO CALL LIST. This was months ago. Many months ago. Since then on no less than 3 occasions I have had them phone me, let it ring a few times and before I could answer they hung up. I guess who ever the HELL is calling sees AFTER they call that I am on the no call list. Sigh. OMG is this annoying. Do you really want me to switch to Sasktel or something? Because ya know, this is over the top annoying. There are few things in this world I dislike more than hangups like that. So get your SHIT together Shaw Cable. HOLLY CRAP. This time it was from their local office for some stupid reason. The other times it was their call centre. Good lord in HELL what part of send me a flipping email don't you get? First you give me all kinds of runaround about the outage that lasted ALL NIGHT - saying it never happened then claiming it was a planned outage - now you phone me and hang up. How about next time I phone the cops and report it as harassment? Literally you people and your spotty internet service are hanging on by a thread here. Even with Sasktel being 1/3 the upload speed, I really am tempted to get on with them instead. You people have literally nothing else going for you than the faster upload speed. NOTHING. Unholy God of the Underworld, stop causing me so much frustration. Keep your freaking internet actually on and don't CALL. That last part is something I can't stress enough. And if you are stupid enough to call, at least DON'T HANG THE HELL UP on me. DANG!

Oh Look - I'm not alone.


  1. aaah now I get it, well here our cable and phone company have a specific "I allow you to call me with advertising and sell the shit out of my private information" when we sign up, then once a year they send a form where you can opt out, but never online, noo you have to mail it in and then they still just claim they didnt get it, CROOKS


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