Zapping Myself With My Tens Machine

Here I am during a Fibro flair applying my Tens Machine to my neck. Now it's important that you never cross the spine with one set of electrodes. Also keep it away from your heart or your throat. Kind of a good idea to keep it off your man bits as well. I tried it just to see what it's like and I can tell you for a fact it's not that fun. Another good tip is to make sure the pads are secure all the way around - if you have a bit not sticking it can arc and cause pain or a small burn. Now I have never had it past 6 before and I am sure it would do more harm than good for me to have it at 10, but we are all different and some have to turn it up more. See some people are more resistant to the electricity passing threw the skin. In any event it works well for muscle pain and fibro pain for me.


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