And Then I Went On Chat

  OK here we go. So, I just chatted with Shaw Cable on Facebook about the outage on the 23rd that lasted all early morning. When I emailed them, they claimed there was NO outage that day. In chat again claimed there was no outage that day – so I sent the screen cap of their web page saying there was a national internet outage in progress. Then the person claimed this was a “Planed outage” and I had mentioned that it was funny that it was no longer on the page in the list of outages. So, what do they say “we archive them after 24 hours”. Yet still on the page is one from the 22nd and one for the 15th. Kind of wonder how they managed to NOT archive those ones and managed to archive this one. Also, they claimed my Modem was online all the time the two previous days. Here is the ticket – they don’t know if I dropped connection for anything less than the time it takes to do a sweep so that is BS in the first place. The other thing is my Android box when it losses connection to the Wi-Fi is not smart enough to log back into the Wi-Fi. And both the previous days I got that horrid beep when I turned it on telling me it was NOT connected. Well it’s literally 10 inches from the modem (yes, I measured it). So now this the other two days where “interference”. Well guess what I have access too? A Wi-Fi analyzer and guess what I did with it? First thing I found out that there is literally no other signal on my floor. Strange thing is, there are less than 15 signals in the entire building and there are 94 people living here. You would think more of them would have Wi-Fil but NOPE. BTW one of them signals is from the open Wi-Fi in the main floor and the basement of the building (shame I can’t get my box to connect to that – I could watch way more Netflix and Kodi streams and not use up my bandwidth LOL). So anyways there is literally no one in range of me that is on the channel I am using (that reminds me after hard resetting the modem, I need to put it back on that channel). So not to likely. The other thing is anyone in range of me is at half strength or less. So, that kind of rules out cross mod – oh wait that does not really apply to Wi-Fi, My bad. Really kind of wondering why they are denying that there was a national outage in the first place? Also, really kind of wondering why then they said it was “scheduled” in the same conversation where they said it did not exist? BTW in the summer they had MASSIVE problems with their DNS servers for some stupid reason. People where losing the ability to get on the net for days on end. Like this, the outage did not affect everyone. Still no word from them saying “ops our bad” from that one. I set my DNS lookup to Google DNS servers instead now so that kind of fixed that. So, Google can record where I go – who cares, at least I no longer have that problem and others seem to still be having now and then. OH WAIT – I forgot to mention, he claimed I was online on the 22nd because I downloaded 500mb and uploaded 320mb. Well I did say it dropped in the middle of the NIGHT. Sigh. I did NOT say I was offline for 3 days, instead that I dropped connection 3 times in 3 days. All I can say is Shaw is turning into Comcast. There is a reason there is a group on Facebook to bash Shaw in I think. Not that I care to join, I rather blather on in this blog that almost no one will read. Like even if they did, they got as far as this? NOPE I am sure they read a few lines then wondered off to watch a cat video or something. People’s attention spans are very limited these days. And all this is because they can’t just up and say “yes service failed”. Oh well. Now go read the recipe I posted before this.


  1. Basically, they are liars, and too stupid to admit their fault. They would rather die than mess up their i mage. But by lying and not fixing the problem, they destroy themselves. Since they are so sensitive, one ought to make a maxiumum effort to tell the world LOL.


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