My Day Nov 4th 2016

So woke up hacking up a lung and blowing my nose a lot. Uploaded a Vlog to YouTube then went back to bed. Friend texted and wanted to go for coffee so stupidly I went. Ended up coughing all over the place the entire time. Now I am sure my friend and everyone who works there will be sick too - not a shining moment I must say. Had the $6 burger and a coffee so it was like $7 and change not quite $8. We got annoyed about the very loud talking of some teen mother and her friend (the mom told the baby to "fuck off" when it made a noise - ironic because you could hear them across the fucking highway).

Some guy took a bunch of photos of me on his phone and giggled every time he did it. It was more than a bit obvious what he was doing - but what ever floats your boat. Then I came home and realised I had mail from the insurance company and filed it. Then I finished a 2nd Vlog and posted it to YouTube. Now I am sitting here wondering if I should have some leftover soup from the other day or I should lay down and hope to pass out.

Oh and the person who owns the building I used to live in finally got back to me on the damage deposit. That in its self is an interesting thing - I only paid $193 because at the time I was not on the SAID program and the only covered $307 of it and the rest I had to pay myself. This worked out as I ended up NOT cleaning the place and just got her to get someone in and take it out of the $193. So I am hoping I will get at least $100 back from her. After all cleaning an apartment that size takes an hour - two if you wash the walls. So ya know, unless the cleaner was paid an absurd amount of money I should get lots back.

Oh and I weighed in today and as I figured (like every other time) the fruit I pigged out on this week has me up 5 lbs instead of down a couple. So need to get back on track there. See this is the strange thing, people think if you eat that stuff you will lose weight. Unless you are changing your diet from nothing but candy and chips to fruit, you will not lose weight with it. There is a massive amount of sugar in fruit.

The strange thing is the sugar in fruit is not as bad on my Fibro as is refined sugar in things like cookies or soda pop. So my body does not really react to it. One can of coke on the other hand has me wondering why the hell I drank that as I will be in pain all night. Anyways - that is that for today eh...


  1. Fruit does have lots of sugar but I think the fiber in the fruit help you absorb it in your body better. I hope you feel better soon.

    1. Also has hotdogs. That will cause me water weight. Always does. But a fruit bongs always does me wrong.


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