My 50th Birthday Was The Best Day in 10 Years And The Best Birthday Ever

This was the best birthday ever. Not only was it the best day I had in the last 10 years, but I enjoyed the hell out of it with good Friends. I also cashed in it seems. One person PayPaled me $200 USD. Well that is a HELL of a nice thing that I was not at all expecting. I got some good food ordered in, ordered some good things online I will enjoy for years to come and got to pick up some nice booze with it. Two others sent some money PayPal as well that will cover my online subscriptions for the next two months. Then to top it off I get this card for the Liquor Store and now I can get that fancy 10 year old Bourbon I was eyeing up. Also I was able to go out and spend almost $45 on fancy bourbon at the bar that I would not normally be able to get because of the price of it. So I got to taste 3 I had never tasted and revisit one I love so much. I am grateful to my good friends for all the well wishes, cards and gifts. Normally I don't really make a deal out of my birthday, but this was my 50th and I wanted to do something for it. So for the rest of them unless I manage to live to be 100, will be sitting at home and watching movies and eating pizza. BTW notice the Canadian (or UK) spellings of two of the words. I told many people there is NO E in whisky up here LOL. And they did spell my name wrong - but they have only known me for like 20 years, so I can pass that off LOL. I love my friends and this will be a memory I keep with me for the rest of my life. So many good times and good things. Not to mention the AWESOME burger I had out for dinner with my friends. I am a lucky person to have such good friends and to be able to do all the things I can do. I am blessed and I am grateful.


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