One Year Of Questions - 1

One Year Of Questions - 1

1. What are you most looking forward to
2. Three goals for this month
3. Describe your day in ten words
4. Something that you're looking forward to
5. A time you don't want to forget
6. A trip you want to take this year
7. Your top three priorities
8. A list of the places you have visited
9. Do your actions match your words
10. One thing you learned about yourself last year
11. A change you have overcome
12. A need you can meet
13. A place you have been recently
14. Someone who made you proud
15. A good idea
16. What are your personal gifts
17. A quote that inspires you
18. A mistake that help you to grow
19. When you feel most rested
20. Words you want to share with others
21. Music that makes you feel adventurous
22. Three words that describe your style
23. The last fiction book you read
24. A project you've been putting off
25. The thing that frightens you
26. A person you would like to meet
27. A change to make
28. Thoughts about today's events
29. One thing you will always do
30. Something new to try
31. Your favorite part of the past month

1. Your favorite place
2. A person whom you admire
3. One thing the world needs more of
4. The best compliment that you have received
5. What do you need to be content?
6. Three small steps that could change the world
7. How do you take care of yourself when you are stressed
8. Five things to do less often
9. Five things to do more often
10. Your favorite book
11. Three favorite book characters
12. Destinations you dream of traveling to
13. Do you work better in the morning or at night
14. Your ideal morning routine
15. The movie you tell your friends to see
16. An important quote
17. What do you want to learn
18. A moment you will always remember
19. One way you can help a friend
20. The best day you had last week
21. Five things you like about yourself
22. A good thing from today
23. An accomplishment you are proud of
24. A time when someone helped you
25. What are your priorities in life
26. Something you don't understand
27. Describe the view from your window
28. The last thing that made you laugh
29. First thing you do in the morning

1. A favorite song lyric
2. The thing you always forget to pack
3. A fictional character you'd like to switch places with
4. Something to let go of
5. What do you want more of
6. A typical grocery list
7. A fact you don't usually tell people
8. What does it take to make a friend
9. The thing that makes you excited
10. Everyone needs...
11. The best place to be
12. How do you focus?
13. Who is your "cheerleader"
14. The goal you are working towards now
15. Three small steps towards your goal
16. The most inspiring person you've met
17. How would you describe yourself
18. A few words of advice to someone younger
19. Ten things you learned in the past year
20. What is the most important thing in life
21. An idea that seems great, but actually isn't
22. Five books everyone should read
23. Where do you most want to travel
24. What are you good at
25. Three things you learned today
26. Something you are looking forward to
27. Pick a movie character you identify with
28. Ten things you love about spring
29. Are you patient
30. Describe a childhood memory
31. List some favorite jokes

1. Your biggest dream
2. What place do you consider your home
3. What are you most grateful for
4. The most important qualities in a friend
5. One thing you need to stop doing
6. One thing you need to start doing
7. How are you feeling today
8. Three things you and your best friend have in common
9. Your life story in five sentences
10. A place you have never visited
11. How important is fame
12. What is a "perfect" day
13. How do you make decisions
14. Describe kindness
15. 10 things you should always have
16. The word that you overuse
17. A pun
18. How would you like to be described
19. Your favorite song to sing
20. Would you like to know about the future
21. How do you show people you care
22. Your last important decision
23. Something that is always easy for you
24. A motto to live by
25. Happiness is...
26. Organized or messy
27. A recent compliment
28. Where you want to be
29. A happy moment
30. Your preferred method of communication

1. A recent compliment
2. Are you organized or messy
3. Your biggest victory
4. A moment that challenged you
5. What worries you
6. The last book you read
7. A few of your favorite things
8. How do you show love
9. Three things you are proud of
10. Describe your best friend
11. What is a hero
12. Who is your role model
13. An outfit that makes you happy
14. The last piece of real mail you received
15. What are you looking forward to
16. One quality you want to improve
17. The songs in your life soundtrack
18. What are you working towards
19. One good thing you can do tomorrow
20. Something you've learned from a mistake
21. A recent good moment
22. The people who make you the happiest
23. Something that needs to change
24. How are you taking care of yourself
25. How are you taking care of others
26. Top three favorite experiences
27. Life goals in five sentences
28. A person you'd like to meet
29. The best kind of cake is...
30. The habits you want to have
31. The best thing that's happened this month

1. A step you have taken towards your goals
2. Something good from last week
3. A time when you were frightened
4. A very good idea
5. The books in your to-read list
6. Something to remember
7. The best thing about your day
8. Your best qualities
9. Your top priorities
10. A new thing to try
11. Where were you a year ago
12. Where were you five years ago
13. What is home
14. Your dream job
15. Favorite things in your town
16. Reasons to feel happy
17. Words you need to share
18. Something to give up
19. An area to grow in
20. An exceptional skill you possess
21. What motivates you
22. What do you need?
23. A way you relax
24. The personal you are currently grateful for
25. The song you know all the lyrics to
26. A movie you can quote by heart
27. What fills you
28. Who is your role model
29. Are you a role model to anyone else
30. What makes you proud

1. What is most important to you
2. Your best trait
3. A movie that makes you happy
4. Something that excites you
5. Something that worries you
6. Actions that you admire
7. A time of transition
8. How did you feel today
9. What do you spend your time thinking about
10. What year has been your best so far
11. Who do you trust
12. A song from your childhood
13. What you wore today
14. How are you creative
15. The best part of summer
16. A letter to someone else
17. I always...
18. A list of things you like
19. A question that needs to be asked
20. What do you need
21. Your summer playlist
22. What inspires you?
23. What do you want less of
24. What is holding you back
25. A tiny step towards your dreams
26. Three things you want to change in your life
27. How have you grown in the past month
28. What are you offering the world
29. How do you spend time resting
30. The best idea you've had this week
31. The book you're currently reading

1. When do you lie
2. Would you bring a dog or cat in your home if you found it on the road
3. How many times have you been to buy food this month
4. How often do you eat out
5. Do you still have cable
6. Last time you went to a picnic
7. How much time do you spend in line at the store
8. Do you really need most of the things you have
9. Have you given to charity in the last six months
10. Last road trip you took
11. How many cookies do you eat at one time
12. Last time you ordered pizza
13. What is your idea of a good night out
14. Last time you binge watched a show and what was it
15. Things to do when you are waiting for someone
16. How often do you check Facebook at work
17. What was your last text
18. Do you love or hate politics
19. How many doughnuts have you had this month
20. Do you pet animals you see on the street
21. Do you talk to strangers
22. Do you take cans and bottles in for money
23. Last time you did something nice for a random person
24. Walmart – love it or hate it
25. Last time you went to a buffet
26. The least favorite thing you must wear (clothing)
27. Ever get in a fist fight
28. How many mints do you take when you see them offered for free
29. Last time you had a checkup at the doctors
30. How often do you change the oil in your vehicle

1. The best parts of fall
2. Where you want to be
3. What does content look like
4. Something you want to try
5. This week's successes
6. Your first memory of one friend
7. Advice to ignore
8. What encourages you
9. How do you encourage others
10. Something to share
11. A celebration
12. A time you made a good choice
13. A favorite meal
14. An important truth
15. The thing that gives you hope
16. The last library you visited
17. A minor roadblock in your life
18. One thing to do today
19. What are you waiting for
20. What really matters
21. A way to relax
22. One thing not to worry about
23. Three good thoughts
24. The best part of a rainy day
25. A simple pleasure
26. What have you learned today?
27. The best restaurant in your town
28. One thing you wish you could do
29. Your best quality
30. One thing you say you think, but really don't

1. What are you doing with your life? Was that of your choosing or someone else’s
2. This month, my soul is yearning for some…
3. What 5 problems could you solve this month
4. Write all the actions you associate with the word ‘divine’.
5. What things potently luxurious do you want to bring into your life
6. What would your perfect journaling space look like? What aspect of it can you make happen this week
7. If money lost its meaning, what work would you do>
8. What are you waiting for
9. When do you feel most connected with yourself
10. What 10 things have you done that you thought you could never do
11. What 10 things do you think you can never do
12. What 3 words describe your life right now
13. What second chance do you need to give yourself
14. What aspects of yourself do you constantly compare with others
15. What values can you give to the people who will receive your work
16. What activities make you lose track of time? How can you do more of these activities
17. Who is the real, raw, unedited you
18. What’s working in your life
19. List concrete goals you can achieve, at a push, by the end of the month.
20. What would you be totally lost in life without
21. List 20 things that represent ‘grateful’ to you.
22. Write all the things you associate with the word ‘sacred’.
23. What did you do yesterday
24. What does your name mean? How much does your name reflect who you are as a person
25. When is the last time you enjoyed something on your own
26. What did you dream of last night
27. List 3 ways to win your heart.
28. List all the ‘what ifs’ cluttering up your mind right now
29. What is the hardest thing to forgive from your past? Is it worth still holding onto
30. What can you do this afternoon to bring in some relaxation time for yourself
31. What one problem could you solve today

1. Your goals for this month
2. What don't you share
3. A reason to celebrate
4. Describe where you are not
5. A dream that seems impossible
6. Something you hope for
7. What good are you doing
8. The people who make your life better
9. A tradition that makes you feel at home
10. Your top five favorite movies
11. Someone you'd like to meet
12. Is your life what you imagined
13. The best kind of laughter is...
14. A silly thing you'd really like
15. Where you want to be
16. Something that truly doesn't matter
17. What you do when you are lost
18. A book from your childhood
19. What are you thankful for
20. An evening ritual
21. A small change you'd like to make
22. A big change you'd like to make
23. Something you're still not sure about
24. The best dessert to share with friends
25. One thing you can't stop talking about
26. How do you spend a rainy day
27. Your favorite things about yourself
28. Three things you do well
29. A story that captures your imagination
30. Memories beside a fireplace

1. Your favorite part of your day
2. What needs to happen this month
3. How are you working towards your goals
4. Three good things
5. Something you know a lot about
6. An important person in your life
7. Your favorite recipe
8. An event that turned out differently than planned
9. The best way to spend a cold evening
10. One thing that you could not give up
11. A goal you reached
12. Something to celebrate
13. How you procrastinate
14. What did you think you'd be when you grew up
15. The best type of surprise
16. Your favorite household chore
17. The best gift you could receive
18. Music that helps you to relax
19. One thing you'd like to see
20. Favorite winter traditions
21. Advice you'd give to someone else your age
22. Something all people should know
23. What you'd really like to do tomorrow
24. Your top priority
25. A thing your life has in excess
26. How has your life changed since last year
27. A book you want to read
28. The person you're always happy to see
29.One thing to do
30. The time of day you prefer

31. A word to describe the past year


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