If the matter that makes up the universe was not created, where did it come from? There has to be a starting point at which time before it nothing existed, or the unfathomable reality of the universe has no beginning and has always existed comes into play. Then moreover if its absurd to think God has always existed so is it the case for the matter in the universe. There is the idea that the universe is a sphere and eventually it all come back together and there is a new big bang. However to our current understanding this can't happen forever without the system failing and enough energy is lost that one time it will not explode again thus all that is will end up as a lump. There us the idea also that the matter was created in a bubble inside a field of energy so massive we can't understand its size. Also other universes would exist in the field. Again, where did this field come from? Is the field what we think God is but possibly unaware of its creation? Could the energy field be a massive life form and we are a cancer or cyst in its body of every? Is the field aware it creates universes and experimenting on trying to see how many varieties it can make, or is trying to create the perfect one? Are we only a cluster of dreams so complex we can interact on our own, but inside the mind of a great being? Are we just a simulation in a complex machine? Or, is one of us all that exists and the rest in that persons lonely mind, trying to make sense of being the only conscious entity? Have I had too much sugar tonight and I can't stop thinking?


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