This was about $46 Canadian at the liquor store here in town - well the government one. No idea what it would have been at either of the 2 private ones.

For something at 50.5% ABV it was actually kind of smooth. The taste was good with nodes of caramel and taffy among other things. Being a bourbon it was of course oak tasting.

Did actually have too much of it at one time - but not as much as to only have this much left. I did in about half the bottle in one night listening to music and watching movies. I was good and drunk - but not so bad I could not walk safely to the bathroom or anything.

The rest of it was sipped on for several days and enjoyed. I NEVER put ice in my drinks and I never use mix on them. It's just the booze by it's self.

I would recommend this to anyone who wants a good enough for the price bourbon. The normal stuff however is lacking in taste for the price you pay in my way of thinking. You are wise to spend extra and get this one. But if you are going to just mix it with coke or something - just get the regular as the taste will be heavily muted anyway.

BTW there is 5% federal tax on booze here, as well as 6% provincial tax and a 10% sin tax on top of the TAXED price of the booze - so yeah a LOT of the price is tax.


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