Good thing I'm on disability and don't have to be anyplace most of the time. This is what I wake up to often LOL. A good day I will have 60 notifications on Facebook and 8 to 12 on Twitter.

Seems everyone else wakes up 4 hours before I do and likes literally everything I posted or comments on it or both.

I love the interaction as it's most of the human contact I get, but dang this is a bother in the morning going over all these notifications and hoping I get all the comments so I can reply if needed.

Not to mention FB seems to be giving me the same notification 2 or 3 times now and then. The other sites I'm on it's almost nothing most of them time, but FB gets heavy use out of all of us it seems. Most of my friends on there are the same as I am - it's their social outlet.

People talk about the young folk being addicted to virtual interaction, but at 52 I am actually a young person in my social group online. So It's mostly us old folk talking back and forth.


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