The graphic has literally nothing to do with this post - just wanted to show off a play time image.

Anyway, I'm sick to my tummy. See there is this sauce called "Roasted Garlic & Peppercorn Aioli" - Well I freaking love it but it upsets my tummy every freaking time. So it's a trade off when I get it. I get to enjoy something VERY yummy, but my tummy will be upset for 4 or 5 hours after.

There is also red meat. It gives me a terrible headache and sometimes body pain. But... I eat it now and then because a bacon cheese burger is the best thing on earth. Strange thing is I've never gotten the reaction from McD's - ever. Hmm.

There is a long list of things that make me very sick now and now and then I'll forget not to eat one and spend the night in agony regretting it.

Maybe I should have a list of things that cause me issues and when I want something look it up? But that sounds depressing.

Lime is one of the things that kills me. Lemon on the other hand does nothing to me at all. I find that one strange as hell and got not one clue how that works.

God help me if I eat processed food - I will puff for for 2 days and retain fluid like crazy.

Then there is ice cream - If I get the low fat kind I'm OK but if I get the kind that tastes better, I'm screwed. I'll be on the can the entire next day.

Yup a combination of getting older and having chronic health issues is a bitch when it comes to eating.

I'm glad as hell that the following things don't give me an issue: Coffee, Spice (even extreme spice), sugar (and it used to but don't any more).

BTW If I have a "diet" drink I'll flair like crazy for 2 days. Sugar used to do the same but now it seems fine - I got not one clue what the hell.

Anyway - I'll just go listen to a podcast and suffer for a while - have a good one.


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