Projected expenses for May 2019.

I'm carrying over a bunch of spending from this month. I had 4 dinners out with friends, I had pizza and wings and whiskey on Easter Sunday. I ordered a few things. So yeah - spent more than I had. So next months fun money is almost spent.

But June 2019 should be better. I have $30 in credit from the grocery store. I'll also have $30 in airmiles that month, so picking up coffee, toilet paper and some Icy Hot will happen with that money.

I've gotten my food for next month already and I have "treats" for 3 weeks (need to get something on week 4). I don't need toilet paper this month or coffee as I got it at the start of this April with Airmiles. So it's all good and as you see - coffee outings are included in the spending. Just can't have pizza or booze or burgers or anything.

In June should have $210 to $250 left over depending on if I order something and I'm more than likely going to order it. It's a BIG travel mug to take coffee outside with.

There is the Co-op Dividends next month, but I'm not expecting much and there is the possability of the A/C installation fee coming out next month - so that would eat the money. Last year it came out in July as they synced it with GST rebate month. I kind of hope they do it again this year as it's $40 and if it happens this month and I get NO dividend I'm kind of screwed.

Anyway, if you take pity on me, here is a DONATION LINK. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Well wishes welcome as well in the comments. Peace and love - Dave.


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