Did laundry last night - two loads. Anyway there is a place off the laundry room to sit in a couple of comfy chairs. It's called the "reading room". And I've never seen anyone read in there ever - but I'm not there most of the time.

Anyways there is two long tables in the laundry room for folding on. There is also an iron and and ironing board. Not to mention 4 washers and 4 dryers.

We are BTW allowed to use 2 machines at once only. So 2 washers or 2 dryers or 1 washer 1 dryer... You get the point and I'm off track.

Anyway, the tables in there is where people put things they don't want anymore and you can take them home with or. This cheese was there along with some (opened) sauce. Well I tossed them out as they both needed to be kept in the fridge and god knows how long they sat there. Yes some of these "cheese" things are fake cheese and can be left out - but not this one.

There was however a small pile of fortune cookies and I mowed them down. Now I don't actually like the taste of fortune cookies, but it reminds me of childhood - so I eat them. And I always want to know what they say and I don't like to waste the cookie.

So here I am at 10 pm at night all alone in a laundry room listening to the dryers run and eating fortune cookies over the garbage can just to see what they say.

Honestly this would be much more fun if I kept the fortunes or at least taken a photo of them but I tossed them. So you will never know and I got no clue what they hell they said - one however had something to do with a "makeover".

Here is the unrelated kicker - The TV came on at exactly 10 pm and NO ONE is in there. I was actually getting a drink from the water cooler at the time and it said "timer" on the screen. No idea in hell how to turn that off in the settings as I'm freaking old - so I left it.

On a second side note, the elevator ghost has not shown up there in the last 5 or 6 times I did the washing. Used to be a regular thing that the does would open and it would say "going up" and the doors closed. Sometimes after that the men's room door would open. So - Yeah... But I guess someone took some sage and cleansed the place or something.


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