Well the regular price of this not so large bag of coffee beans is $18.99 where I live. However it was on sale for $10.99 and I had $10 worth of airmiles to spend on it - so it only set me back $0.99.

Kicking Horse Coffee is one of the best brands I have encountered for it's price. It's not by far out of this world expensive and the taste is world class.

Kick Ass blend is very dark and rich. The taste is quite amazing for the price and there is extra kick to it for a dark blend of coffee. Normally for the kind of boost it gives you, you would have to get a much lighter tasting blend.

I've had this several times before when it was on sale and always the ground version of it. So when I saw the hole bean version I got it. The fresh ground taste is 10X more pleasurable than the pre-ground version of it. So much more fresh and lively.

There is enough of it in the bag that it will more than likely last me almost 10 or 11 days - so it's all good there.

Even just opening the container and taking a sniff is a joy. Then when it grinds the smell hits you harder and you are full on ready for this stiff. When the maker starts brewing it, OMG the smell is heaven.

I wish I had a better maker like a stove top European kind, but the drip maker is way less money - so I have that. Next time I think I'm getting the 454 horse power blend just to see how it goes.


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